Thanks all for amazing creativity in our most recent Hollywood Challenge.

We weren’t sure how the humungous Hollywood dataset would go down. So many datapoints, angles, stories that could be revealed. But people just love movies, and the results show that: submissions were much more creative, inventive and crazy than we expected

We hope you enjoy this beautifully designed data as much as we did.


Design Challenge – First Place $2000

The Top Most Profitable Movies of 2001 Across 22 Story TypesCristina Vanko

Beautiful colours. Simple condensed design. Clever use of multiple axis. Intriguing findings. Nice infographic!


Design Challenge – 2nd ($500)

What’s the story? The most popular stories in Hollywood Films 2007/2011  – James Wendelborn

We loved James’ meticulous attention to detail, the design of his story-type icons, cherry-picking of interesting data points – and the overall use of a cinematic metaphor.


Design Challenge 3rd Place ($250)

- Hollywood Movies 2011 – Volodymyr Bondar

We liked the attempt to tell a story, flowing from one dataset to the other, using different visuals all the way through. Love to have seen a comparison with another year for full engagement.

(check the complete design challenge shortlist )

Napkin Challenge Winners ($250)

Not so many Napkin entries this time. So we decide to award three joint prizes.

Loved by the Public or Loved by the Industry – Chris Callard and Kate McCambridge

Really liked the concept here – where audience and critics do or don’t agree. Could make a simple and revealing graphic.

Hollywood Harvest – Anjani Varma
Interesting visualisation approach in the colour key and invention of a month-by-month metric snagged it for Anjani.

Fool me Once… – Sam Austin

Data on sequels was the angle most requested by our Hollywood friends. That’s what Sam delivered.

(check the full, napkin shortlist)


Interactive challenge

Amazing entries. Thank you so much everyone who took part. We couldn’t decide on a ranking, so we offered a first prize and three joint 2nd places. It was so difficult.

Interactive challenge 1st Prize ($2000)

Budgets Big and Small - Daniel Leventhal

Beautiful, super slick and actually really useful tool for filtering down film choice and answering questions like what is the most profitable and critically acclaimed horror movie of the last five years? Best use of Microsoft’s Pivot tool we’ve seen. This would make a great app!

Interactive Challenge Joint Second Place ($500)

Hollywood Data Explorer - James Fisher

James may have skimped on looks but he didn’t hold back on functionality. You can slice and dice the data in literally every way possible. Investigative and fun. (Also James wins the prize for most creative solution to the metric-breaking Paranormal Activity outlier – those who did this challenge will know what we’re talking about!).


Interactive Challenge Joint Second Place ($500)

Movies and Magnets Erik Boertjes

Really fun and super-creative tool had us all in stitches. Clump your choices together with dynamic digital magnets. Never would’ve imagined doing it this way. Thank you Erik!

Interactive Challenge Joint Second Place ($500)

FilmStrips - Tom Evans

Superlative interactive info design with lovely colours, smoothness and functionality. Would’ve loved some filters to pare down the dataset but happy to play with the sorted and ordering and rolls over for ages. Nice!


(check the full interactive shortlist herehere)

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