Hollywood Dataviz Challenge – Design shortlist

We offered a massive dataset on Hollywood budgets, genres, review scores for every film from 2007-2011. We asked you to visualise the interesting stories you could find. Here’s what you came up with…

Do yourself a favour: grab a coffee, get comfortable and enjoy these beautiful visualizations. 

The Top Most Profitable Movies of 2011 Across 22 Story TypesCristina Vanko

Nice story flow with good relationships between data explored. Soft colours. Tight design. Beautifully simple.


Spotlight of ProfitabilityKrisztina Szucs

Interesting approach to visualising the data. At first, we were a bit skeptical. Then we got into it. And had fun exploring the patterns. 


Navigating the Universe of Cinematic Opinion – Ben McCrea

We had a few entries matching average audience score against critical scores. Ben plotted this across a nice metaphor – it would make a good interactive. 


Hollywood Movies 2011Volodymyr Bondar 

Sometimes more is more. We liked the journey this infographic took us on. Different angles, different summaries, different datasets. Nice. 


Hollywood Movie Studios by NumbersYoko Nakano and Steven Ziadie

Oh these number are in a race! Who are the big guys in this story? What were the best years for the movie industry? A quick look will tell you. We liked the clean modern design and the tight focus. 


Hollywood Most Common and Profitable PlotsFrancesco Villa

Loved the colours and the groupings by story. The bottom section also sings – some interesting patterns there. 


Hollywood Budgets – Barinov Tëma 

What kind of genres work better for each production company? Who’s bigger than who in worldwide gross? How many movies can they cope with each year? Beautiful tetris-like images vs straight-forward information. One for industry-heads. 


Hollywood 2007-2011: Sustainability and ProfitabilityDeniz Cem Onduygu, Amac Herdagdelen and Eser Aygun

Great opening weekends can be a piece of cake for movies with a millionaire marketing budgets But can they keep people interested? For how long? (By the way, what’s Paranormal Activity doing up there?!)


BlockbustersBen Willers

Movies from 2007 to 2011 arranged by budget, worldwide gross and profitability in a beautiful pair of pyramids. The colorful structure helps to compare the numbers while the lower one discloses the movies in each position. $20m is the sweet spot for film budgets apparently. 


Does the 80-20 rule work for the film industry? – Caroline Wilson 

Are you familiar with the “Pareto principle”? Caroline will clearly explain how to apply the classic 80:20 rule for the movie industry using nothing more, nothing less than piecharts. Yes, they are welcome here : )


HollywoodMathew Lucas

This beautiful image makes the multi-billionaire Hollywood industry look like a living organism reduced to a simple cell. Ah, if only…


What’s the story? The most popular stories in Hollywood films 2007/2011James Wendelborn

To use “realistic” spatial units when reading a dataset is a really risky choice. Sometimes the metaphor just doesn’t make sense, but James found a creative way to make the image speak by itself.



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