Hollywood Dataviz Challenge – Interactive Shortlist

We offered a massive dataset on Hollywood budgets, genres, review scores for every film from 2007-2011. We couldn’t believe what you came back with. A mix of Flash, iPad, Processing, HTML 5, Javascript. Every possible method of churning data was used.

It was extraordinarily painful to whittle the amazing selection down. That’s why we choose 12 pieces (we just couldn’t agree on 10). You can also check our longlist at the bottom.

Check them out and play.

Hollywood Data ExplorerJames Fisher

Encourages the user to draw their own conclusions with highly customizable elements and hundreds of data combinations. It’s also Bubbletastic. Which we like.


FilmStripsTom Evans

A pleasant tapestry of colors, elegant lines, breathing-white-space. Easy on the eyes and sharp usability. Simple and efficient. 


Movies and MagnetsErik Boertjes

What if you could repel data to see the patterns instead of cluster it? We were skeptical at first. But once you start playing with it, you won’t stop. Promise.


Hollywood Budgets - Gordon Chan

Sometimes bubble charts are all about color, aren’t they? Choose the right ones and let your brain and eyes do the rest. 


Movie Industry: Hollywood data 2007/2011Soraya Amorim de Souza

Intelligent disposition of visual elements and great usability of the interactive functions. Condensed data about budgets, profit, years, critics ratings all in condensed vertical elements. Neat. 


What Movie Should We Watch Tonight? - Balazs Krich

Who said big data can’t be used for simple and daily choices? This interactive submission is a whole universe in itself: choose your favorite story type, see their genres by color in the bubble chart and calibrate the “opinion meter” (popular choices to the left, critics to the right). Voilà!


Hollywood Cinematrics – Felix Gonda

Felix’s submission offers a really organic, electric element of interactivity which makes the exploration of the data a visual and sensitive experience. 


Hollywood Visualized by the Numbers – Farshad Nayeri and Horace Dediu

An iPad app?! Say no more. It’s hard to convey to you how much fun this in. But visit the website for a taste.  


ConfluenceHarshawardhan Nene and Kedar Vaidya

Created with more than 10 tools to design, combine and interpret data visually. Interesting view on “The Producer’s Calendar” graphics. Did you know that the average audience rating for love stories is highest around spring, summer holidays and christmas?


CineVisJohn Goodall

Sometimes interactive data visualizations are not as intuitive as we would like them to be. CineVis offers an important and almost inperceptible “hover-on-?-service” that allows the users to understand at one glance which are the elements involved and how they can be manipulated. Smart. 


Hollywood Movie Explorer - Ken Cherven

It may not look so beautiful. But boy is it functional. Use the filters on the left and soon you’ll have whittled down your NetFlix selection for tonight.



Budgets Big and SmallDaniel Leventhal

Movie posters represent much of a film’s identity and have an instant connection with our part of the brain that processes pop culture :) Daniel offers two possibilities of visualization based on them (a grid or a graph). Colorful and rich without being overwhelming. An amazing tool!


Shooting Stars! - Jerome Cukier and Jen Lowe

Hollywood’s two favorite things are stars and explosions, right? Well Jerome and Jen took our chunky dataset and connected the dots. What did they find? The most commonly used story types are not necessarily the most profitable…


The Longlist

But there were so many good entries that we thought it was only fair to share our long-list with you:

Hollywood’s Most Successful Movies
The Narrative Landscape of Hollywood
How Much Money do the Movies We Love Make?
Hollywood and Haiti
ScatrerDice Goes to the Oscars
Hollywood Box Office 
The Hollywood Examiner
Box Office Omnibus
Hollywood Static
Most Profitable Hollywood Stories
What Shines in Hollywood
Hollywood Stars
Tonight, Hollywood Budget
Hollywood’s Cultural Reach
Visual Hollywood
Hollywood Stories 
Box Office Breakdown


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