Hall of fame – 2nd challenge winners

Design challenge (check the shortlist here)

: 1st ($2000): €uro RecessionBen Willers

“We loved the economy and clarity of this piece, and the ingenious way Ben managed to interleave different datasets and patterns without overwhelming the eye. Beautiful!”


: 2nd ($500): Volatility in the Eurozone CrisisJane Pong

“Jane came up with an clever and elegant technique to show the motion of data over time in a static image – and simultaneously tell the story of crashing euro nations. Simple and colourful and creative.”


: 3rd ($500): European Debt Crisis: GDP & Debt  - Severino

“Use of simple scaled blocks allow you to immediately isolate the nations who have back-flipped over the edge and those that are sliding closer to the abyss. The colours hurt the eye a little but the usability is instantaneous. Nice!”

Posters and special mention to: Alex Murrell & Ben Croker


Napkin challenge (check the shortlist here)

: 1st ($1000): Is the Eurozone living the Sisyphus Myth? - Anita Dembinsky

“Creative and funny draft from Anita. Nice metaphor and a great way of unveiling an often-missed dataset – who actually owns Europe’s debt?”


: 2nd ($500): Eurocrisis Key – Anna-Kaisa Jormanainen and Simon Rogers

“Not as visual as it could’ve been, but we really liked the way Anna-Kaisa’s attempted to explain the key jargon around the financial crisis. Text is a key element of every visualisation.”

Interactive challenge (check the shortlist here)

: 1st ($1000): European Bubbles - Krist Wongsuphasawat

“Amazing, slick and full-featured interactive from Krist gives loads of room for exploratory fun, data-digging and finding new angles on the crisis.”