Hall of Fame – 1st challenge winners

Yes, we know it took us forever, but you’ll understand when you see our winners.

Thank you for the patience and talent. You did a wonderful job.

Next challenge will be announced on the 7th of November, so stick around!

Design challenge (check the shortlist here)

: 1st ($2000): End of the Line - Camden Asay

Why? Simple, elegant distillation of story from the sea of data, using categories, colors and stark design to transmit the point cleanly.

: 2nd ($500): How much time do we have left? - Sarah Day

Why? Good choice of form manages to condense all the info into one format. Subtle design encourages exploration. Stark style reinforces bleak theme. Nice!

: 3rd ($500): Going, going, gone - Brian Leach

Why? Great big warning sign of an infographic, tightly designed and structured, relaying enough key info for the viewer to make their own mind up.


Interactive and motion graphics challenge (check the shortlist here)

: 1st ($1000): The Age of Depletion - Peter Curet

Why? Beautiful way to draw a viewer in and make the data relate to them personally.


Napkin challenge (check the shortlist here)

: 1st ($1000): Stock Check and Outlook - Julian Opitz

Why? Neat way to combine illustrative touches and data viz, using a great subterranean metaphor . We’d love to see this rendered up.

Runner-up ($500): Volume of Reserve and Years to Depletion - Dominik George

Why? Centre-of-the-earth viz really hammers home the dataset and gives it a modern sheen.